Character, Part I

Oops. So I missed posting yesterday. I have my reasons: namely that my day ended up being very-very busy. I went to brunch with friends, then IKEA, then played bored games with some other friends, and then ended up having dinner and drinks with a buddy. It was a surprisingly fun and full Saturday and I haven’t had one of those in quite a long time.

Dovetailing back to the subject above: CHARACTER.

Boy, it’s a nebulous construct, eh? I have been struggling with this more than a lot of my other goals. Not in the sense that I’m behaving particularly badly but perhaps because progress is so hard to measure.

Am I being a good person? Am I being a good steward? Am I doing what’s right? Am I sticking to my word?

I still wonder about each of those. Without a doubt, as my failure to post yesterday indicates, I am not staying 100% true to my word. I honestly plum forgot to post and probably would have made a good faith effort to do so when I got home had I remembered.

But generally, as I pull my head out of own angst-ridden asshole, I’m being better about all of those things. I went through a few weeks after starting this blog of being profoundly selfish and self-centered. It was as much about survival at that point as anything else. I don’t know that I was especially capable of thinking about others or how I was being viewed. I think I’ve come out of it mostly unscathed though.

I think “Character, Part II” well be a more constructive analysis. I’m finally getting back to a place where I can be introspective about my actions and moral fiber.


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