Career, Part I

Let’s assess where I stand right now at work.

Aside from a few highlights, December was a bloody wash. January wasn’t a ton better but I did accomplish a few rather significant things that helped me to continue to standout.

I got in trouble a few days ago for chronically failing to completing my time sheet. I fell into some bad habits on this when I started staying really late and coming in at odd times as a result. But I’ve addressed the issue by adding a reminder to my calendar. Problem solved. In the scheme of things, it’s probably the least worrying thing to be chastised for.

Otherwise things are on the up and up. My attitude at work has improved greatly and I’m moving and shaking again. Assuming I get into Georgetown, I’m going to buck for a promotion mid-year.

In the meantime, a friend is putting my resume into Deloitte. If I can walk into my boss’s office with an offer letter from them, he’ll at least try to meet me half-way. More money would be nice – although I’m doing pretty well right now so I’m not feeling the pinch yet.


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