Self Agrandizing

It’s really hard to not write a post that makes me feel better today. I’d like to write something focused on my finances but I’m pretty distracted by my stupid thoughts and feelings. Thanks for inventing today’s holiday, Hallmark. Thanks a lot.

All told, this Valentines Day is better than last years. A year ago today, Jackie and I decided we weren’t going to live together. That was a harbinger of bad happenings to come romantically and financially. On some level I’m still recovering from the latter issues.

Where did things go wrong in my finances and how are they related to this holiday? Well, I signed a lease that I couldn’t comfortably afford without a live-in partner with whom to split the bill. When I broke up with the partner I had planned to live with and I started dating (a lot). The result was a dramatic increase in spending relative to what I had budgeted. I was breaking even every month and was treading water on some debt. I’m in the process of sorting that debt out now but dating again and putting my life back into order is itself quite costly.

It’s going to take time to sort these things out but I’m making better decisions than I was before. It might be a longer road than I had initially hoped but things are quieting down financially again which is reassuring. I’m hoping to wipe out most of what’s left of my debt in the next two months. That will be a considerable load off of my conscience.


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