Interview & Test Results

Ahoy all!

So this week has been pretty great so far! I had my Georgetown interview on Tuesday and got back some reassuring test results yesterday.

First things first: the interview. Let’s begin by having a brief flashback to October/November of last year. As part of my lead up to applying to Georgetown I attended a luncheon with one of Georgetown’s admissions directors in the district. As luck would have it, this admissions director was both a friend of one of my colleagues and no one else showed up for the luncheon (save one girl who didn’t even know if she wanted an MBA). The director and I spoke for about an hour and I heard through the grapevine that he was very impressed with me – which was great. How was this related to my interview?

Well by pure changeI interviewed with that same admissions director on Tuesday. The interview went really well as a result. I asked at the end how I did and the response was an enthusiastic “Great! And I definitely don’t say that about everyone.”

So I’m feeling pretty good about my prospects for being admitted at this point. Georgetown probably skates at around a 60-70% admissions rate by the time you hit the interview phase (that’s a guesstimate based on comparable schools and some limited data). So with the past interaction, my positive interview experience, and other factors, I am cautiously optimistic at this juncture. I’ll know for sure on March 25th.

Now onto my test results. So I had an STD test performed last Friday. I was overdue for it at this point. I was originally scheduled to go in on this Friday to get my results but when the doctor’s office called yesterday to remind me of my appointment I asked if the results were in and if I could come in today possibly – waiting would be agony. They fit me in later in the day and after a 45 minute wait the nurse gave me the all clear. My junk is healthy.

How I’ve managed to skirt a serious infection all these years is a mystery but I’m pretty pleased that I don’t have genital herpes. Fully 20% of Americans have HSV-2 and, at this point by all rights, I should have caught it. The average American male has 7 sex partners in his life. Which means that 0.2 herpes infections occur for every 7 partners that a man has. Here’s some math:

Let’s assume I’ve slept with 70 women in my life so far. It could be higher than that but it could also be lower. I honestly lost count around 7-8 years ago.

So: 70 partners * 0.2/7 infections/partners = 2 infections

Probabilistically-speaking: I should have been infected with HSV-2 twice over. Which I’m pretty sure means that my junk is made of steel. In all fairness though:  I haven’t the slightest idea what the distribution characteristics are for the infection rate. I would imagine that it’s normally distributed but I have no idea what the variance looks like. Regardless, I’m feeling lucky and relieved.

So things are really looking up!


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