Georgetown, Making Deals

Ahoy all.

So by now you’ve probably heard that I got into Georgetown. This is pretty exciting obviously and I’m thrilled. I’ve joked that I now attend a school that matches my ego. I think this is an accurate sentiment. Georgetown is a top-20 school so there’s something to that. I’m not super interested in writing about Georgetown today though. I’ve kind of exhausted talking about it the last few days.

A lot is happening at work and I’d rather talk about that. My day to day work is kind of a slog right now but I’ve been facilitating some rather exciting opportunities for the company. One of these opportunities could prove to be very lucrative for me actually. I’ll talk about the less lucrative one first.

So about two weeks ago the Dean of RIT’s College of Engineering came to LMI to speak with the RIT alums at our firm. As kind of the elder statesmen of the group I took lead during the conversation. During the course of our discussion we touched on the short-comings of the Engineering School’s Senior Design Program – it doesn’t really offer opportunities to students to do the sort of work that our firm specializes in. The Dean asked if we’d be interested in sponsoring such a project and one of my superiors in the meeting volunteered me to take lead on that which I’m happy to do.

After the meeting I informed my old department head at RIT about how we’d be sponsoring a Senior Design project and he, in turn, mentioned that it might be time for my firm to have a seat on RIT’s Industry Advisory Board. That’s been a goal of mine for the last couple of years so I’m pleased that’s coming to fruition.

The other big opportunity I’m facilitating could be pretty huge. As you may know, about 20% of my firm’s book is tied to Obamacare. With the ACA’s aborted but still looming elimination, it’s clear that a lot of responsibility for managing Medicaid and the insurance exchanges is poised to devolve from the Federal Government to the States. New York is one of the biggest spenders on Health Care nationally and also doesn’t hesitate to throw money at problems on the state level. And do you know who used to be a New York State lobbyist? This guy, me. So I kicked an email to the VP of our Health Division last week asking if he wanted to discuss exploring opportunities in NYS and we’re meeting today.

This could actually be huge for me. In addition to pushing some work back to some of my old colleagues in New York, it will greatly raise my profile within the firm and generate a promotion opportunity.


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